3 Great Examples of Value Proposition

If you’re going all in on customer value management, it makes sense that you’d want to adopt some clear methods for showing the value you can offer to your clients as well. It’s one of the clearest paths for getting customers to choose your products and services over a competitor’s, but you’ve got to make sure yours stands out so you’ll be noticed.

The following examples of value propositions will put you on the right path. Study these, learn from these, then use them when designing your own methods for showing customers why you’re the right choice for them (and better than the competition).

Defining Your Value Proposition

First things first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page when we’re talking about what a value proposition is. Without getting too complicated, you can think of your value proposition as a way of explaining to customers who you are, the benefits you can provide them, and how you can provide those benefits better than anyone else. 

Your value proposition makes you unique, and helps you stand out among the competition. You should keep it short, and make sure that it’s memorable so that it will linger in a prospective customer’s mind long after they’ve seen your marketing material.

Value Proposition Examples

Now, how about a look at some companies that are doing a great job with their value propositions? Here are a few you can learn from:


Billing themselves as the “The World’s #1 Scheduling Tool” is certainly a bold claim, but it certainly helps Calendly stand out from the competition. Adding that “Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back and forth” really helps sell the deal.

It’s simple and straightforward, which right off the bat helps connect with customers. What’s more, It informs visitors of the unique way in which they’re providing a vital business service, stressing the convenience that they offer to customers.


Beyond being the place “where work happens,” they also claim that they make it “downright pleasant to work together.” This “works” on multiple levels, but first and foremost it conveys that the service will allow your team to interact in a manner so unfettered that you might actually start to enjoy it. A definite boon for productivity.


Can it get any more direct than an invite to “explore your creativity?” Skillshare makes it clear that they can help unlock the path to many creative pursuits, and get you started on expressing yourself in the manner of your choice. They even throw in a free trial, which shows they’re confident that you’ll enjoy the classes.

Wrapping Up

Remember, your value proposition is key if you want to distinguish your brand from the competition. Make sure you share what makes you unique, and give prospects a reason to choose your brand over all others.

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