Become Smarter Doing These 5 Things for 15 Minutes a Day

Your brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle, if you want to make it stronger you have to exercise it. By constantly doing things that makes your brain work and think, it benefits you greatly.

Many people finish school and that is it – the learning is over. This is the wrong approach to take. You should always be learning, and the best thing about it is you can learn about any thing you want. This isn’t school – there are no class schedules. You have total freedom to pick.

Also, you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to it. If you just carve out 15 minutes a day you can become more educated and smarter. It will help keep your brain in optimal shape as well.

1. Listen to a Podcast

There has been a surge in podcasts recently and they have become super popular in the past couple years. They are just very convenient to listen to – you can listen in the car on your commute, when you are working out, or just while relaxing.

They are very portable and you can access them on your phone as well. There is also a lot of content available. Due to their popularity there are now podcasts in almost all niches. Find some you love to learn from and listen for a bit each day when you have time.

2. Read a Book

Reading is one of the most popular was to constantly learn and stimulate your mind. Many of the most successful people in the world read on a consistent basis.

There are a lot of great books that you can learn from. Any topic, and subject, etc. You don’t have to go the paperback route either, as all books are also available in digital formats as well as audio. While someone might not have the patience to sit down and read a physical book for 15 minutes, listening to the audio version is enjoyable.

read for 15 minutes a day to grow as a person

3. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is a great mind exercise and it can be very helpful especially if you plan to do some international traveling. Knowing how to speak the native language can make the trip much more enjoyable.

There are plenty of options, like AT IT Translation, that can help you learn any language that you want. Some of the most intelligent people can speak multiple languages. Chipping away for just 15 minutes daily can help you learn fairly quickly.

4. Learn from a Mentor

A lot of people swear by their mentor – they enjoy learning from someone that is successful and has done what it is they are trying to accomplish. If you have a mentor and they give you material to study, dedicate time daily to learning from it.

5. Engage in a Facebook Group

There are so many large active Facebook groups and they are a great place to learn from and to network. Find some groups that you feel you can learn from and join them.

Spend some time daily reading as well as participating in discussions. You will learn, make great connections, and better yourself. There is a good chance you already use Facebook daily, so make sure to incorporates groups into your use.

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