How to Make Your Kids Next Birthday One They Will Never Forget

Throwing your kids a great birthday party every year is something every parent strives the accomplish. There are actually many psychological benefits of an annual birthday party, aside from the fun factor.

Sometimes as parents we are so busy that we don’t have a lot of time to plan and we struggle to come up with creative ideas under a time crunch. I have done several things over the years, and there are plenty of options for those that want to throw a great party that your kids will remember, at least until the next one!

Here are some ideas. If you have some to add I would love to hear them also, so be sure to leave a comment if you want to share your best birthday party ideas as well.

Host it at a Fun Action Packed Venue

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is have a bunch of kids at your house. Then you have to prep for the party and then clean up after it. That can be a bit too much for some, especially for those with busy schedules.

There are plenty of fun places to hold a party at, depending on the age of the kids. There are go-cart tracks, mini golf, bowling alleys, and eat and play spots like Dave and Busters. These are always a big hits with the kids and the venues typically have birthday specific packages available.

Turn Your Yard into a Theme Park

If you want to turn your backyard into a theme park and host a great party you can look into renting some inflatables and bounce houses. They are very popular with the kids and they have become very safe over they years.

They will typically run about $250 – $300 each per day, but if you have a big party it’s a good way to keep the kids outside playing all day. There are even bounce houses with built in games and even water slides. They have gotten very elaborate over the years.

fun kids birthday ideas

Host a Minecraft Video Game Tournament

Most kids love video games so a tournament is a fun activity that you can host for little to no money. You can even have a prize for the winner to get everyone excited about participating.

All you need is a projection TV setup, a gaming console, Minecraft server, and enough controllers to have multiple kids playing at the same time. You can structure a bracket challenge based on how many kids are attending.

You can also have multiple tournaments with different games. Some kids like Madden for example if they are big fans of sports.

Hire Entertainment

There are so many kinds of entertainment you can have attend the party. From ballon artists and face painters, to magicians and even exotic animal handlers. If you are wanting to be frugal, here are some great examples to consider that won’t cost a small fortune.

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