Top 7 commuter bikes to get you out of the house

woman in business attire on a commuter bike

Traffic in any city can be a nightmare, that’s why so many people are turning bicycles for their daily commute. Plus, they’re an environmentally friendly option that offers a workout at the same time. If you’re ready to make the switch, then check out these top seven commuter bikes. 

1. Specialized Sirrus X 4.0

Easy to handle and sleek, this zippy bike is made for the streets. The X 4.0 is a hybrid, designed for smooth pavement as well as gravel, which means it can tackle a little more than your average commuting options. Specs include:

  • Carbon fork
  • Future Shock rubber-encased coil shock
  • 38mm-wide Pathfinder Sport gravel tires
  • 12-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain complete with an 11-34 cassette

2. Spot Acme

Another excellent hybrid, the Spot Acme is designed for a little more of a luxurious ride (better handling bumps and uneven terrain). Handpicked parts make this an ideal choice for the bike enthusiast, but even those who don’t appreciate its parts will learn to love them. Specs include:

  • Alex rims
  • Cane creek headset
  • Gates belt drive
  • Kenda tires
  • Shimano shifters
  • SRAM brakes
  • Leather saddle and grips

3. Raleigh Redux 1

Not only does the Redux come in at an insanely affordable price, it’s packed with features that make it a solid choice for daily commutes. Reflective details on the paint keep you safe when the sun goes down, while the lightweight aluminum frame makes it a breeze to ride. Specs include:

  • Shimano 8-speed shifter
  • Shimano Acera rear derailleur 
  • 11-34 cassette with 40-tooth chain ring 
  • Bash ring pants protector

4. Benno Ballooner Ladies’ 8i 

The creamy orange colors of this bike make it a looker from the get-go, but there’s more to this ride than looks. It combines everything that makes a cruiser bike so pleasurable to ride with the durability of a daily commuter. Specs include:

  • Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal hub
  • Rapidfire shifting
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • 2.35-inch balloon tires

5. Marin Presidio 1

Looking for something that’s low-maintenance and cheap? The Presidio 1 is the ideal mix, but it also comes with interesting specs. A Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal hub, Vee Tire Co. Baldly tires, and Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes are just a few. Combined with a sleek body, you’ll be able to zip around the streets without needing a bicycle accident attorney

6. Seven Greenway SL

Prices begin at a whopping $6,000 for this model, but that’s because you can customize every inch of this titanium bike. The frame is corrosion resistant, and it’s the only thing you can’t change. Luckily, the color is simply titanium. Every other spec is up to you!

7. Tern GSD S10

If cargo is something you enjoy or need for work, then the GSD S10 is a perfect match. This bike functions like any other, but also includes a 150-mile range via dual 400Wh and 500wh batteries. That’s a lot of commuting, but here are some other specs that make this bike great:

  • Room for passengers
  • rear panniers with a total capacity of 62-liters
  • Sturdy front tray
  • 400lb cargo limit
  • 20-inch wheels to accommodate the pedal assist 

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