6 Perfect Affordable Gifts for New Moms and Dads

When your friends have a baby you will usually send them a gift. Do they need it? No. But it’s a nice gesture and there are plenty of things that you can get them that aren’t expensive and things that they will really appreciate.

There are plenty of elaborate and fun gifts for new parents, but I want to focus on simplicity. So I decided to put together a list of practical affordable gifts that they will actually love and use.

Remember, they are parents now. Their time is very limited, so a wild and crazy gift is likely to sit there and collect dust. So why not get them something they will actually put to good use? That is the purpose of this, isn’t it? Here are a handful of ideas to get your brain thinking in a practical sense.

1. Diapers

Did you know that the average baby goes through about $100 worth of diapers a month? That can add up fast. One of the most appreciated gifts is diapers, as wild and crazy as that might sound.

Can you image that? Later in life at some point the gift you get most excited about is a box of diapers. But it’s true. When you give that as a gift it helps to reduce their monthly expenses, and that will be appreciated more than some piece of fancy dinnerware that will never get used.

2. Grocery Store Gift Cards

Just like with diapers, new parents see a big spike in their grocery bill. Baby food and baby formula isn’t cheap. it can add up fast and it’s not something you have a choice about. You have to buy it.

Baby formula alone for one is going to run about $2,000 a year so you can see why something as simple as gift cards to the grocery store are greatly appreciated.

3. Baby Clothes

Babies grow so fast, outgrowing their clothes faster than they can wear them. Often times a baby will wear something just a few times before it will no longer fit them. If it’s a couples first, then they don’t have previous clothes to use so they have to start fresh.

If it’s their second or beyond they have the luxury of reusing clothes, which saves money. Buy them clothes, give them a gift card to a kids clothes store or give them a box of old baby clothes. Regardless of where it comes from it will be appreciated. Baby clothes can cost a small fortune.

affordable gift ideas for new moms and dads

4. Wine

I will keep this one short and sweet. having a new baby can be VERY stressful. Wine helps. Mommy and daddy will love it, I promise.

5. Baby-Proof Household Items

Did you know they have electrical outlets that require you use a key top open the access? Or special plastic locks for cabinets? There are so many baby-proof products that serve amazing purposes that i can promise you never knew existed.

You would never know just how many “baby-proof” versions of common household items there are. You can search online or shop on Whohou to see what kind of special deals you can find.

These are thoughtful gifts that show you really care.

6. Baby Sitter

What is one thing that having a new baby does? it kills almost all alone time. Dates? Yeah right. But one of the nicest things you can do is either pay for a baby sitter or do the duties yourself.

Letting them get out of the house, even just for a couple of hours, will be greatly appreciated. Especially if they do not have a lot of family in the area. It’s healthy for couples to still get out and enjoy time together.

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