Common Car Heating Problems Explained

There’s nothing worse than car trouble, but your heater failing in the midst of chilly weather is one of the more frustrating problems a car owner can run into. Not only will your daily commute become a miserable affair, but how are you going to defrost your windshield? 

Heater trouble can quickly turn into a safety hazard, leaving you looking for a Sacramento car accident lawyer. If you’re having issues and are ready to get this problem fixed, then here are some common car heating problems explained. 

The Cooling System

Your car’s heating and cooling system are intertwined. When the vehicle reaches its running temperature, both coolant and water are heated as they pass through hoses and valves to the engine. During this process, a fan blow heat away from the core of the cooling system and into your car’s cabin. 

A low coolant level is one common reason this process stops working, which just requires you to add some. You should also make sure there are no rust particles or other contaminants in the coolant, as these can cause the core of the system to stop working. 

The Fan

In some cases, your car’s heater might be working but the fan responsible for blowing hot air into the cabin has stopped. You can usually tell if this is the case because you’ll no longer hear the fan running. Nine times out of ten, the fuse connecting the fan has blown and needs replaced.

In some cases, you may need to buy a replacement fan. This is more common in older car models, but it can happen in newer ones as well. To find out which type of fan you need, just check your owner’s manual. 

The Thermostat

When your car’s thermostat stops working, it prevents the cooling system from opening up to allow coolant in. This prevents the core of the system from making heat, which means you’re not going to feel any warm air in the cabin. 

In rarer cases, the thermostat might become stuck. This causes your car’s engine to think it’s running at a lower temperature. In either scenario, this is a dangerous problem because your car is going to overheat. The higher the temperature rises, the more damage it will cause to the parts under the hood. 

More Serious Issues

If none of the above is the problem, you may have a far more serious issue at hand. Take your car in for a checkup immediately before your family needs to call this Bay Area wrongful death lawyer. The last thing you want is for your car to catch fire or start spewing toxins into the cabin through the heating system. 

Preventing Heater Issues

The best way to make sure you never have to deal with heating problems is preventative maintenance. Routine checkups and maintenance ensure every part of your car is running as smooth as possible and will help you catch problems before they turn into expensive nightmares. 

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