What to Do if Your Car Key Gets Stuck in the Ignition

If you have landed on this post because you’ve just tried to take your keys out of the ignition and found that they are stuck in place, you’ve come to the right place. Keys are great for security, but can be extremely annoying to deal with if they get stuck doing the simple job they’re supposed to do. However, keys don’t just get stuck in the ignition without a reason, there’s always a cause behind it! 

Reasons Why Your Key Might Be Stuck in the Ignition and How You Can Get It Out

  • The Car Is Still on: On your car’s ignition, right between the start and the off modes, lies the accessory mode! This is usually when your car seems like it’s switched off but it actually isn’t. If your key is stuck in the ignition when it was working just fine right before, you might have accidentally left the car in “accessory” instead of off! Try turning the key all the way back and then try to take it out. If that was your problem, your key should slide out as usual easily! 
  • The Car Isn’t in the Park: Other than the ignition, there are other security measures in place so your car doesn’t accidentally lose it’s key unless you want it to! One of the security measures is that it won’t let the key out unless the car is in “Park”. Although you can turn the car off while it’s in the wrong gear, you can’t take the key out. Check which gear your car is in and if it isn’t in Park, put it in it and try taking the key out. It should come out without a problem! 
  • The Steering Is Locked: Almost every car has a steering wheel lock. This is when your steering wheel clicks in place and doesn’t move until the right key is inserted and the lock is unlocked. This is to prevent anyone from getting away with your car by hot wiring it. Sometimes, the steering wheel can also engage when your keys are still in the ignition, causing them to get stuck with the wheel! To unlock the steering wheel, very slowly and with extremely light pressure, turn the key and the wheel at the same time. If you do it right, the wheel will unlock and the key will come out! 
  • The Car Battery Is Dead: Your car needs the battery to be charged in order to work. If your car’s battery dies, it’s possible that the ignition won’t work either and the key won’t come out. An easy fix for this is to recharge your car battery or jump start it. Once your car battery is charged, the ignition should have power again and the key will be able to just slide out as usual! 

The Key Is Faulty: Sometimes, the problem isn’t anywhere else, it’s in the key itself. If your key is faulty, bent, broken or simply too dirty, it may get stuck in the ignition and not come out even if you try. This can be a sensitive issue because if you pull too hard, you can risk breaking the key or causing damage to the ignition. Either of those are things we want to avoid. It might be a better idea to let a professional handle this one. Auto Locksmith Alabaster or a recommended locksmith in your area will be able to help your with this problem! Not only can they help you get the key out, but they can also fix your entire ignition if it needs fixing! This way you can get your key, and make sure that the problem never arises again!

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