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Mint mobile is a prepaid MVNO platform like every other mobile virtual network operators which runs overtop the T-mobile’s network which in turn gives subscribers the same outstanding coverage but better and faster. The wireless service grants subscribers 12 GB of 4g LTE data monthly for just $25 a month. Cheap right? Yes! You can Surf the internet to your satisfaction under incredible coverage with neither buffering nor network failure. 

The Mint mobile is designed to use the T-mobile service which serves as a direct port to the 4G LTE network and over 2000 t-mobile towers across the country. As such, your device must be compatible with these towers.  Wondering how? it is possible to check the compatibility of your device with the mint mobile compatibility network online, on their website. Also, the purchase of a compatible phone is available on the mint mobile website.  

It is important to note that the $5 mint mobile starter kit comes with a 7 days free trial sim cards (two) that are loaded with 100MB of Data and 100 minutes of free call and text. When you buy a mint mobile starter plan, you will be awarded an unlimited talk and text with 3GB data at $15 per month ($45 upfront). Subscribers can equally pay about $240 for a 12-month plan at $20 a month for unlimited talk and text with 12 GB of data. Mobile Mint service may most likely not be the top-ranking service provider; nevertheless, they offer one of the best services. A subscriber can enjoy unlimited texting, youtube video, streaming video and music, download, go on social media, watch Netflix, browse the internet and lots more without any problems what so ever.  

Mobile mint also offers hotspot services. On other platforms such as Tracfone, boost mobile, cricket, etc. hotspot services are limited but Mint mobile offers an unlimited hotspot service to its subscribers. As such you can share as much data as you want via hotspot to family and friends without compromising the quality to the service rendered. 

Peradventure you are wondering where to buy a mint mobile starter kit; the mint mobile $5 start kit is available for purchase online, at Amazon, Walmart or best buy. You can equally purchase for friends or refer friends and family to give mint mobile a trial. 

You may be wondering; can I buy a mint mobile starter kit from a store? Yes, it is possible, it is not only available for purchase online; all you need to do is walk to the closest Walmart store and make a request. 

What if I don’t like it? (which I strongly doubt), of course, 7-day money-back is guaranteed without any hassle. 

Can I use an iPhone or an android? Using the service is possible on both, all you need to do is to check the compatibility of the device. 

Can I get more information on the Mint mobile? To find out more, click here  

Mobile mint plans are cheap compared to other plans and they do not in any way compromise their coverage, it is ever fast and reliable. Are you looking to save yourself a couple of bucks while you enjoy unlimited surfing? Then Mint Mobile is the answer.  

If you need any more information on MintMobile, check out the mint mobile reviews to get more information.

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