Money 2.0 Conference’s Speakers To Review And Weigh In On Rising Payment Scams

Scammers now have a more robust platform than ever to defraud society — the internet. 

In today’s world, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a scam and a real thing. In fact, fraud cost the economy billions in 2016, and the numbers increased over the years. Keeping this in mind, speakers at Money 2.0 Conference will review and tackle this topic in depth. 

At the Money 2.0 Conference, leading minds in the payments and mobile space will be coming together to discuss the latest trends in financial technology. This year’s conference promises to be as insightful as ever, with speakers from reputed companies set to take center stage and discuss everything from emerging payment technologies to the future of mobile commerce. 

The Rise Of Payment Scams

Rising payment scams are of concern to many small business owners and entrepreneurs who fear that they may be targeted next by scammers looking to steal money through online transactions or phone orders.  According to Money 2.0 Conference’s reviews, its Winter Edition will provide participants with a better understanding of the latest fraud trends impacting the industry today, including topics such as cybercrime, identity theft, phishing attacks by scammers and fraudsters, and security best practices for protecting customer information. 

Sessions will also include discussions on emerging technologies designed to help banks combat fraud, the effects of mobile banking on this threat, and new solutions from some innovative companies addressing these challenges. Attendees will have an opportunity to network with thought leaders from financial services institutions and startups working in the field, collaborate on potential strategies for combating this growing threat, build relationships that can lead to future partnerships, and forge connections with other professionals facing similar challenges in their industries. The event is taking place in Las Vegas and Dubai in December this year. 

Scammers Are Using Increasingly Sophisticated Means 

Ever since the introduction of credit cards and payment systems, people have been trying to find ways around them. There are a lot of different types of scams happening right now, but these fraud schemes are becoming more sophisticated than ever before in an effort to gain access to personal information or steal someone’s money outright. 

The most common type of scam is probably phishing emails that trick people into giving up their account information by promising them free goods or services if they provide their private data. Other common tactics include smishing (a spam email sent to your phone), vishing (a voice call), spoofing (calling you from what looks like your bank or credit card company), and pharming (when criminals put up fake websites that look real). 

If you think you might be on the road to becoming the victim of a scam, don’t give out any information; instead, hang up the phone, close your browser window or delete the email. Companies can attend the Money 2.0 Conference to learn about alternative, safer payment models, the latest fraud trends, and how to protect themselves against scams. Additionally, attendees of such events will get insight into the current global financial situation as it relates to emerging markets and electronic payments. 


Fraudulent activities are on the rise and it’s important for any business to make sure they’re doing everything they can to protect themselves from these scams. The Money 2.0 Conference is one way to learn the latest trends in fraud prevention, stay up-to-date with fraud prevention tech, and gain tools that will help prevent your business from becoming a victim of these scams. Know more here

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