Safety tips for Uber and Lyft riders

With the gig economy thriving, it’s commonplace to order an Uber or Lyft anytime you need to get somewhere. They’re safe ways to get home after a night of drinking, make commutes easier, and can help keep things uncomplicated in situation that used to require a rental. 

There’s one thing most people forget, though. Who’s your driver? It might seem innocent, but countless stories from across the nation detail how predators have taken advantage of these rideshare services. Here a few safety tips to keep you out of harm’s way. 

Wait in a Safe Place

While you wait for your driver, it’s best that you stay in public area that’s well lit. Don’t comply with any requests to meet them elsewhere or in a more private area. Your driver will meet you at the exact location you requested to be picked up from. 

Ask Them What Your Name Is

One of the best ways to avoid being picked up by a predator is to ask the driver what your name is. You should ask them their name as well. Rideshare apps give you the first name of the driver and let them have yours. This ensures they actually drive for the company. 

Utilize Trip Sharing

Uber, Lyft, and other companies have an in-app feature that shares your journey with trusted contacts. Just hit the “share trip” or “share route” button and your friends or family can know when you were picked up as well as when you arrive safely. You might also want to let the drive that you’re tracking the trip for an added layer of safety. 

Seating Choice

Every rideshare company says that sitting in the back of the car is the safest option. It gives you two exits in the event that something goes awry. Safety experts recommend sitting behind the passenger seat so you can keep an eye on the driver, too. 

This is always possible with shared rides and car types, though. In these cases, just sit where you can see the driver and the road. If a driver tries to force or coerce you to sit up front, take it as a red flag and get out of there. 

Follow the Rules

Most riders forget that their driver could potentially get into an accident. If a wreck is caused by their actions, you can seek compensation with legal representation like these Uber accident attorneys in Orange County. However, you can be found liable for a number of reasons. Don’t distract your driver and never ask them to break the law or do something dangerous. 

Never Share Your Personal Information 

Finally, you should never share your personal information no matter how comfortable you might feel with the driver. There’s nothing wrong with having casual conversation, but personal info ranging from your home address to cell phone number and social media handles can lead to a world of trouble. As for the home address, remember, you can always say the house you’re going to is a friend’s. 

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