Just What Is Holistic Nurse Training

For the many people who choose to become Registered Nurses, the occupation is more than just a job – it is a calling. It is characterized by long hours and low pay. However, it offers other rewards, such as the chance to truly make a difference to those who are suffering from chronic disease, have undergone surgery, are facing a hospital are undergoing recovery.

However, many nurses become disillusioned with the fact that modern Western medicine seems fixated on simply treating symptoms while ignoring factors such as problems in socialization, emotional well-being, mental wellness, and spiritual needs. In other words, a more integrative, holistic approach to health.

Fortunately, this need has been recognized – and there is now a path to becoming a provider of nursing care that takes into account more than the physical. The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program offered by The Nurse Coach Collective provides nurses with a new set of skills that will transform not only their lives, but the lives of their patients as well.

Holistic nurse training provides nurses with a toolset that allows them to take into account (and advise) their patients on subjects such as nutrition, sleep patterns, mindfulness, and relationships. This advice allows patients to charge of their own wellbeing in a way that takes into account the physical – but stresses that physical recovery and treatment, Western medicines ‘quick fix’ are only part of wellness.

Holistic Nurse Training allows patients to make incremental changes that lead to a successful outcome in terms of the road to recovery.

This is a program that has been developed by nurses. These are people who have walked hospital corridors and experienced the long hours and frustration that accompanies knowing what patients need – but being prevented from meeting that need by that fixation on the physical.

The program had its origins with nurses that became aware of the fact that in many cases patients were not getting better after undergoing traditional Western care – on the contrary, many were not showing the signs of improvement that were expected. Some were getting worse – and others were not recovering at the expected rate. The conclusion was obvious, there was something deeply wrong with the way that patients were being treated – the reactive, disease-focused model was not offering patients what they needed. Offering holistic nurse training was something that could disrupt medical practice.

Nurse Coaching is a relatively new approach, but is rapidly gaining traction. There are thousands of nurses in the country who have undergone holistic nurse training. This has led them to lead much more fulfilled professional careers, as well as experiencing the deep satisfaction of making a real, lasting change to the lives of their patients. 

There are many supposed ‘health coaches’ out there, but there is a difference to obtaining certification through The Nurse Coach Collective. It provides the nurse with a nationally recognized board certification, they are licensed by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corp. That sets them apart – and supplements their existing medical knowledge with a whole new set of skills. 

There has been a huge amount of research done into the importance of positivity in the patient’s recovery. It is here where the skills of listening and simply being a partner in helping patients to overcome the inevitable hurdles on the road to recovery play an important part. Nurses are naturally skilled in these areas – many will find that their natural inclinations may simply need to be honed – and holistic nurse training supplements their existing skills.

Aside from the satisfaction of simply doing more for the patient – and the wider community, there is the fact that training of this nature provides the nurse with a competitive edge. As more and more research indicates that a holistic approach to health is far preferable to the physically focused approach there is no doubt that demand for skills of this nature will increase.

However, it is in terms of satisfaction and personal fulfillment that a nurse will really feel the difference. Instead of each day being filled with frustration the transformation will allow nurses to begin to realize the inherent possibilities of providing patients with the tools that they require in order to truly begin to enjoy the quality of life that they deserve. 

The only requirement to take part in the program is that the nurse holds an active, unrestricted license to practice. That is all that is required to become part of a growing fraternity of nurses that have recommitted themselves to patient care that takes into account the entire person, mind, body, and soul.

The seven-month Transformative Nurse Coach Certification offered by The Nurse Coach Collective consists entirely of online training modules – with live support calls. So take the next step on your nursing journey today – and join thousands of others in a community of like-minded individuals.

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