Sour OG strain

Marijuana and cannabis strains seem to be evolving at a rapid rate. This has come down to users developing their own hybrid strains of cannabis in search of the perfect smoke. The sour og strain at ILGM is one of many newly developed strains of cannabis available for regular users, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) hosts an entire encyclopedia worth of knowledge on how to grow your own cannabis and marijuana from start to finish. Their site is the perfect place to start for those who have never grown marijuana before or are simply looking to get the most out of their crop. 

Back the Sour OG strain. Sour OG strain is a hybrid form of cannabis blended only from two superior strains. This strain has proven to be popular amongst both medicinal users and recreational users alike. 

Sour OG strain originates from Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It has been blended with the intention of producing a light and smooth strain to deliver a pleasurable, easy smoke. The medium THC content is ideal for those consuming medicinal purposes. 

The effects associated with Sour OG include feelings of happiness. Users can expect to feel uplifted, relaxed, and experience a euphoric sensation. Users report feeling creative and even productive after consumption of this strain. The negative flip side to this strain is, like almost all strains of marijuana, experiencing a dry mouth. Also, users may experience dry eyes, which again can be expected from most marijuana strains. Other adverse reactions may include dizziness, mild headaches, and in some cases paranoia. 

Sour OG is available in a range of flavors and fragrances. Flavors include pine, diesel, earthy, pungent, and lemon. The fragrances available with this strain include sour, and as with the flavors, diesel, earthy, pungent, and lemon. 

As already mentioned, consumers look to get their hands on Sour OG strain cannabis for more than recreational purposes. Medicinal users also favor this strain as it is said to be very effective and efficient at supporting the user in dealing with mental as well as physical ailments. It is most effective at helping with stress, and depression. Due to the euphoric effects experienced with this strain, the user will experience relief from stress almost instantly after smoking. It is also an efficient remedy at helping with chronic pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for treating pains caused by inflammation. 

For those looking to grow and harvest their own Sour OG strain, they can expect it to flower indoors at around 8-9 weeks. Flowering outdoors is recommended to be done in October time to ensure the crop grows strong and healthy. The THC content is believed to be around 13-17%, a medium concentration of THC when compared to other strains. The CBD is said to be 0%. 

So whether you’re looking for a fine strain of cannabis to enjoy a light smoke recreationally, or are looking for a natural remedy to help combat stress, anxiety, chronic pain, or any of the other ailments mentioned previous, Sour OG might be the strain of cannabis you’ve been looking for. It is definitely worth experimenting with as it has proven to be a very well-received strain.

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