Guide To Renovating Your Rental Apartment

Everyone wants to live in an apartment that is comfortable and nice.

1. Benefits of Home and Apartment Renovations

Apart from its exterior, the inner beauty of a home or an apartment also plays a vital role in the value of the property. Upgraded interiors increase the value of the estate but there are things both tenants and owners can do to benefit both sides.

A renovated room can go from feeling depressing to fresh and inspiring with a simple coat of paint or a flooring renovation. Renovated spaces help renters feel better and more comfortable whereas chipped walls and damages equal discomfort.

The renovation alone just makes a space more attractive, it’s as simple as that. The right renovation can give the place a new life.

2. Apartment Renovation Guide

To do your renovation right, there are some rules you need to follow.

You don’t have to tear down walls to make an impression

Simple upgrades such as replacing drapes and shades can entirely change the look of the room. Energy-efficient upgrades increase both the quality of life and provide valuable benefits of lowered Eversource utility costs, which is a win-win even for the owner who will market his or her property better to his future tenants.

The kitchen is key

Kitchen appeal is everything and it can often be as simple as repainting the cabinets.

Update the bathroom

Replacing the shower head or knobs on the sink can make an outdated room look shiny and new. New toilet seat can also improve the look of the whole bathroom.

Upgrade the flooring

For the owner, new flooring increases the value of the space which is why they are often willing to chip in. For the tenant, new flooring can make an older apartment feel brand new.


Move things around and improve the flow as even objects need space to breathe.

Change the lighting

Poorly lit apartment often seem smaller than they really are. On the other hand, bright apartments seem bigger. Use mirrors to amplify the natural lighting you have at your disposal and complement it with strategically placed artificial lighting.

3. Great Ways To Spruce Up Your Rental

There are many ways tenants can improve their rental without breaking their lease or their budget.

Put a splash of paint

A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the room.

Swap light fixtures and light switches

You can find beautiful and cheap light fixtures and just pop the ugly ones back when you move out. Etsy has all kinds of light switches to suit any style. Both of these details will help to spruce up a room.

Cover up stuff you don’t like

If the floor is ugly, get a nice rug or buy removable bamboo flooring to cover it. If you don’t like the tiles, get stickers that come in all sorts of designs that adhere over the existing ones and look like the real thing, without getting you into trouble.

Add storage

There can never be too much storage space. Get a small medicine cabinet, a towel rack or shelves. if you buy a storage space on wheels, you can just roll it and change its location as needed.

Open the space up

If you don’t like your kitchen cabinets, remove the top door and just store them aside to re-attach them when you move out. Your kitchen will go from ugly to open and modern within a few minutes.

Get a better shower

Shower heads are super easy to replace. It will make your shower better and save water if you get a water-efficient one.


Don’t forget that even a simple change can make all the difference in the world. By making a few simple changes, you can transform the space into the home of your dreams. Just because it is not your home does not mean you cannot make it feel more like home.

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