What to Do if Your Car Key Gets Stuck in the Ignition

Car keys only really have one real job, to function properly in the ignition, letting you start the car, and turn it off whenever you want! And for the most part, they tend to do that job pretty well. This is why it’s insanely frustrating when they fail to do their job! 

You’d know exactly what that feels like if your car keys have ever gotten stuck in the ignition! What makes things worse, is that this usually doesn’t happen at a relaxed time, it’s almost always when you’re running late for something and don’t have any time to waste! If you’ve found yourself in a situation like this, you might be super confused as to what you can do to get yourself out of the situation and get your key out as soon as possible! 

However, before we get into getting it out, we need to pinpoint what has caused it to get stuck in the first place! Only then can we apply the right solution to retrieve the key! Below are the top reasons why your key might be stuck in the ignition, and what you can do to get it out!

Reason #1: Your car isn’t turned off
Cars aren’t like light switches, it’s not a simple “on” and “off” mechanism. There’s also the “accessory” mode where it may seem like the car is off, but it actually isn’t. The key still needs to be turned backward one more time before it is free to slide out. Try turning the key back all the way and then gently tug on it. If that was your problem, the key should slide out easily!

Reason #2: Your car is in the wrong gear 
All cars come with several security mechanisms to keep you and the car safe. One of these is that the ignition won’t let the key come out or go in unless the car is in Park. That is why you can’t start your car until you put it in Park! But, the same doesn’t apply to turning the car off. You can still turn your car off while in gear, but the key will still not come out. The fix to this is to make sure the car is in Park, and then try to pull the key out!

Reason #3: Your key is worn out 
Even though keys seem like they have a life of forever, they actually don’t. Keys are made of a somewhat “softer” metal that can withstand regular wear and tear, but can still bend fairly easily, provided it is subjected to a certain amount of pressure. If your key is worn out or bent, it won’t work in the ignition properly and it’s very easy for it to get stuck in there. In this case, if you try to pull the key out too hard, it might just make matters worse and break inside, which is something we don’t want. In this case, it’s better to leave the key as it is and call a Locksmith in Birmingham or one in your local area to come and safely remove the key from the ignition. That way, if the key isn’t broken and is still at a point where it can be repaired, they can easily take care of that for you! 

Reason #4: Your key is broken inside the ignition 
If your key has broken inside the ignition, there’s no way that it’s going to come out very easily. Turning the key or trying to yank it out can break it further and end up damaging the ignition too. Have a locksmith pry the key out, and then rekey your car so you can use the new key seamlessly to use your car easily! As if there was never a problem with it in the first place!

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